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Professionals Approaching Retirement

Retirement is an emotional concept. For some, it is exciting - you are finally achieving the freedom you’ve worked so hard for. For others, it is concerning - you are leaving a career you’ve loved and not you’re not sure how it will all shake out. The last thing you should be worried about is your financial plan. Let our team help you articulate what is most important in your retirement lifestyle, stress-test your plan against what we can’t control and give you the confidence that only a picture of your best retirement can provide.

Professionals in Retirement

It is a total misconception that just because you’ve already officially “retired,” it’s too late to craft your financial plan. If you are not able to enjoy these fruitful years because you’re uncertain how long the money will last, let our team help provide clarity around where you stand and leverage our Listen, Refine, Compliment, Enhance process strengthen your plan.

Established Professionals

You’re in the prime of your career. You’ve done the basic blocking and tackling. And life has gotten exceptionally busy. You’re likely in good shape financially, but curious if you should or could be doing something different. Our team can help make sure your vision for the future is aligned with the actions your taking today, while also alleviating pressures and concerns that limit your freedom. Having the foresight provided by experience is a powerful tool in your financial planning. We will help design and execute a financial plan that allows you to arrive best positioned for success, with optionality as goals and dreams change and take shape.

Business Owners

Planning for your financial success can be a complicated process. You’re constantly trying to balance the success of your business with your own personal success - both in your family and on your balance sheet. After a while, it can be hard to tell where the line gets drawn. Most business owners excel because they’ve been able to take something that otherwise feels complicated and simplify its creation or distribution. Our business is no different. Let our team paint a clear picture as to how these two sides of your planning are connected and design a strategy that helps you capitalize on the opportunities in your business and in your family. Whether it’s executive benefit planning, protecting the value of a key employee, or ensuring for a successful (planned or unplanned) transition, or how all these moving pieces affect your family at home, our team can help.

Brandon M Strope, MBA, ChFC®, CLU®, CLTC®
Managing Director

Flatirons Financial Planning


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